You will need
  • request to OPGRC;
  • - contact the notary;
  • to contact the BTI;
Direct registration transaction is carried out in the Federal registration of the centre in accordance with the Federal law 122-F3. This law came into force on 31 January 1998. The right of ownership of real property occurs with the moment of state registration (article 8 of the civil code). You should also consider the fact that the civil code does not require mandatory notarization of the contract of purchase andsale. These changes occurred in a number of articles of the civil code, which regulate the conclusion of this document and entered into force on 1 January 1996.
Proceeding from all above-mentioned laws, you can make the final conclusion that the contract of purchase andsale is not valid without the state registration of property rights. In this procedure, are submitted all the original documents that are in the transaction and copies remaining at recentre as a confirmation of the transaction, and giving rise to the registration of a certificate of title.
Therefore, if the contract of purchase andsale was signed before 1 January 1996, then restore it very simple. For this you need to make a request to the notary's office, which was this document, to pay 100 rubles to get a duplicate of the contract. Moreover, until January 31, 1991 agreement of purchase andsale was the only legal instrument confirming that a property is owned.
If you need to restore the contract of purchase-saleconcluded after January 31, 1996, there are two ways. The first is to go to a notary office if the contract was notarized and obtain a duplicate. Second – contact the Office of the Federal registration service of the statement and obtain a certified copy if the contract was concluded in written form.
If the contract of purchase andsale concluded during the period 1 January 1996 to 31 January 1998, when entered into force the law on conclusion of contracts in the simple written form, but not yet a law on obligatory state registration of property rights. In this case, lost the contract, can only be restored by obtaining photocopies from the seller of real estate with the updated signatures from both parties or to request information about the owner of the BTI. When requesting a BTI can confirm ownership of the property, but not to duplicate or copy of the contract. The same applies to land. To verify ownership, please contact the Federal chamber of land registration, cadastre and cartography, but to get a duplicate or copy of the contract impossible.
That is why, despite the amendments adopted on the conclusion of the contract of purchase andsale in the simple written form, it is better to sign it at the notary, which will give an opportunity at any time to duplicate. And besides, a professional lawyer will give all the guarantees of correct formatting of the document and will take into account all the paragraphs in which the transaction can be declared invalid in accordance with the civil code of the Russian Federation No. 2965, 3075, Chapter 24.