Contact management company that serves your home (office, REU, Engineering service, etc. — depending on the region) a statement about the results of the control coupon to the order. If the card is preserved, you will get it on hand. If not, you will be given a certificate stating that the ticket has not been preserved.
With this help, contact your housing questions of administration of his district (for example, in Moscow — the administration of the district Council).
Write to the district administration a statement of the conclusion of the contract of social hiring. With the entry into force of the new edition ZHK of the Russian Federation this document has the same effect as that in the old days, a warrant, and it is the basis for the use of premises.
Read carefully and sign the contract. Optionally, you can provide all the documents that you have asked. Will definitely require passports of everyone who is registered in the apartment, so it is best to come at all together with identity documents.
If the administration refuse to accept your application requires a written motivated refusal. In situations where that's not possible, send the application form by post by registered mail with a list of enclosures and acknowledgment of receipt. You are obliged to answer within one month of receipt of the letter.
Contact the court to appeal the original refusal. To confirm his innocence use all available documents: passport with a mark about residence permit, an extract from the house register and a copy financially-the personal account. Useful are also the testimony of the witnesses, capable to confirm to the court that you live in this apartment and moved her in a legal way.
Enclose the contract of social hiring in the event of a court decision in your favor.