You will need
  • a duplicate of the contract of the notary's office;
  • duplicate from FPRC;
  • - photocopy from the seller;
  • - certificate from BTI;
  • - certificate from tax.
If you lost the contract of purchase andsale for the purchase of the apartment, but signed it in the notary office, contact the notary at the place of registration of the document. Pay fee for services. You will be given the duplicate for a short period of time.
If the contract is lost, but it made the state registration of property rights, which was launched on 31 January 1998 on the basis of entered into force Federal law No. 122-F3 on the unified registration of real estate transactions, see the statement in PPRC. At the registration centre left copy of all submitted documents, under which conducted state registration of property rights. You pay state fee, you will be given a photocopy of a document stamped, FUHRT.
From January 1, 1996, the making of any contract are allowed to produce in a simple written form. If you do not go to the notary and will not be issued ownership rights due to the fact that the law on unified registration came into force in two years, to restore lost or damaged the contract can only one way. Find your seller and ask him to remove his copy of the contract copy.
If you track down the seller of the apartment and get a second copy of the contract to remove the copies is not possible, then you will not be able to get a duplicate of the contract of purchase andsale anywhere. In this case, documentary evidence that you are a user of the apartment, contact the BTI and write the application for issuance of the owner of the apartment.
Change the owner of the apartment is always fixed at a local tax office for income tax in the name of the new owner. In the tax office you will not be able to issue a duplicate of the contract, as it is just not there, but to confirm that you are the taxpayer and the periods which you pay tax is even possible. So let us turn to the specified authority and request a certificate confirming the payment of taxes.