You will need
  • -passport for all owners
  • -a statement from all owners
  • -agreement of purchase and sale
  • -the cadastral passport
  • -receipt of payment for change document
If you need to restore the certificate on property that you owned individually, contact state license real estate center. Write a statement indicating that the certificate is lost, causes of loss, and the time in which it was lost. Present the contract of sale and passport. You will make an extract from the unified state register and issue the certificate on the property in exchange for the lost document.
If you have a contract of sale, contact to the notary office where it was issued. Write a statement about the loss and issue of duplicate. Then proceed as described above. Sometimes in the registration center is not required to submit the contract of purchase and sale, and issued a document on the basis of available information.
If the lost testimony about common ownership, to apply and identification documents should all owners. On the basis of the application of the Treaty, and extracts from, EGPR you will be given a document of ownership.
In case of loss of certificate of ownership of land which is in sole possession need to submit a cadastral passport, statement, receipt or receipt of land and identity document. You will draw an extract from the unified state register and issue the document to replace the lost certificate.
In case of loss of certificate of common ownership, a statement must treat all owners and to submit the same documents as in the sole possession.