You will need
  • receipt;
  • - handle;
  • calculator.
If you are using a three-tariff meter, you should remove the difference between the readings from the three rates, multiply each number by current rates in your region and all the results are summed to payment for electricity.
To take the depositions of three-tariff counter, press "Enter". Alternately you will receive readings of tariff T1, T2 and T3. A button may be pressed once while you record the testimony of one tariff, the meter will automatically give alternately all indicators with an interval of 30 seconds.
From previous readings daily rate T1 on the day of payment, subtract the current reading of the meter at the rate of T1 and multiply the current in your area fare at peak hours. Rush hours in all regions is the local time 7 am to 10 am and from 17 to 21 hours.
Readings T2 is the night. All regions are considered to be night hours from 23 to 7 hours. The rate may be different. To count, subtract from previous readings T2 current readings and multiply by the current tariff.
The testimony of the T3 is a semi peak hours that are counted in the dual time interval from 10 am to 17 PM and 21 to 23 hours. Subtract from previous readings of T3 current, multiply the current rate in your area.
Add up all the calculations. Subtract the amount of benefits, if you have them. Pay the receipt in the nearest savings Bank or post office.
Local authorities in your region have the right to establish other time periods at current rates, but all users of multi-tariff metering devices of electric energy should be warned in advance about the change of the time range.
If you can't find the previous receipt, to calculate and see the numbers in the "Readings on the day of payment", then click In the"water" on the meter and hold for 2 seconds. Alternately you will get all the previous readings on the day of payment. All multi-tariff meters provide information on indications during the entire period of operation, therefore inspection services you can always easily compare all readings with the amounts of the actual payment for the consumed electricity.