All types of heatcounters differ from one another by the measuring principle of the flow of heat. There are turbine, viagraaccutane, solenoid, vane, and karaliova ultrasonic heat meters, which are based on differential pressure. The most popular electromagnetic and ultrasonic models.
The principle of operation of electromagnetic flowmeters is based on the fact that water has a conductivity. The water passing through the electromagnetic field of the coil excites an electromotive force proportional to the flow velocity. He really is a section of pipe fitted into it with electrodes and an electromagnetic coil.
Ultrasonic heat meters measure the time difference in signal propagation through water depending on its speed. So at zero flow, the difference between the time intervals will be zero, and at maximum flow rate the maximum. Design of ultrasonic heat meter electromagnetic resembles, but instead of the electrodes and the coil in the mounted ultrasonic sensors. Heat meters are installed at the inlets to a house.
In addition to the thermal energy that goes to heating, they provide measurements of the energy expended in heating the water in the tank. When renting statements, take into account the temperature at the inlet and outlet of the system. The volume of consumed thermal energy can be measured in Gcal, kJ, and MW.
All the readings of heat meters are transferred to Gcal. So 1 Gcal corresponds to a 1.163 MW and 4.187 GJ. It is mandatory to account for the time of operation of the device and its operating time. The readings you can take, depending on their technical equipment – with a storage console, laptop or printer.
Don't forget to control near the shield to have a register of evidence with which you will be able to control you exhibited heat supply organization amount.