Companies that supply electricity in the homes of citizens and enterprises – commercial entities, therefore each has the right to use its own method of billing for electricity. You should be familiar with this technique and the rules of transfer of indications of counters on the website responsible for your region of the company. In addition, such consultation you'll be able to go directly to the office of the company or in the cash center, where you pay bills.
Usually in that case, if your counter as the counters to your neighbors, displayed in the hallway or on the landing, supplying electricity independently bypassed houses, collecting indications of counters. In accordance with these indications, you get a receipt and pay for electricity.
If your meter is hanging at home, in the apartment is shared, supervisors can set the time and a fixed date when they will appear in your home to take readings of counters. In case of your absence, the supervisor reserves the right to increase the counter for the last month on the estimated amount of your average monthly electricity consumption. Then it will be corrected by real data.
In many cities there is a system of transferring meter readings are taken directly by users of electricity, on paper. To do this in certain places hung the boxes, resembling the mail, where citizens will prevent the notification indicating the data of these devices.
Many energy companies are indicators taking into account the electricity consumption of appliances on their web sites. Find out the address of the website in the RCC or by Internet search, register and start to transfer the monthly electricity consumption data below correctly and in a timely manner to obtain a receipt for payment.