Causes of low electricity prices on the night

Electricity consumption in day time is much higher than at night. That there are many reasonable and logical explanation.

First, most businesses work that day. Second, the vast majority of people is a daily way of life. All this affects the high electricity consumption during daylight hours.

Because of this, most power plants are forced to work at those peak facilities that are required for the normal supply of electricity. Normal modes of stations are those of the maximum power required to supply their facilities during the day.

Any of the power plants there is also a significant drawback. The transfer station in another mode of operation is a long enough process that it is impossible to realize even for a few hours.

Electricity consumption the night falls down at times, however, the output remains the same as during the day.

The combination of these factors leads to the fact that almost all power plants have to work for the same peak capacity and night. It is clear that night time is similar to the electricity production completely unprofitable.

For state solutions to such problems have only two. The first of them – creation of special storage stations that store the excessively generated during the nighttime electricity for use in the required time.

However, it is not always possible to create a similar object. Then the government has to stimulate the consumption of the citizens of electricity at night.

How to use cheap electricity

For these purposes, you can stock up on special electric timers, which will include various elektrohemie devices is strictly at a certain time.

If you use Underfloor heating or heat the house with electric heaters, it is more practical and more profitable to use them in night watch. Washing machine or dishwasher the same way you can run at night.

For separate consumption metering of electricity day and night, must install special multi-tariff meters.

But the most important thing is to install multi-tariff electricity meters that will produce differentiated electricity in the daytime and at night and save your money.