The calculation of the amount of payment is based on basic electricity tariffs in the region. Base rates in turn are calculated and are set by public authorities such as the Federal tariff service and regional tariff regulation authorities. For each region set their base rates of tariffs, which on a regular basis reviewed.
The calculation of the rate of electricity is also influenced by method of calculation, which can be single-rate (single base rate for electricity around the clock) and DataLife (isolated day and night consumption of electricity to reduce cost of a night of consumption). Calculation methods also vary by region, so some of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation represented by only single-rate method of calculation, in others there is a choice of more convenient options.
The third parameter affecting the calculation of the tariff of electricityis the availability of concessional threshold. It is provided for each person registered in the apartment (e.g. if there is preferential threshold to 50kW, and the apartment is registered 3 people, 150kW a month you will be paying at a reduced cost, and the rest at the basic rate).
Thus, for a correct calculation of find out the method of calculation of the base tariffs and concessional thresholds in force in your area. To obtain this information in the regional authorities, utilities, and on the website of the Federal service on tariffs.
Next, calculate the amount to be paid on the basis of the received information:• single-rate calculation multiply the number of prescribed in the apartment people to a reduced threshold and the base rate for him, then, from consumption of electricity at the meter of victime grace kilowatts and multiply by the basic rate of the basic rate, summarize the numbers and you will receive a calculation of the rate of electric power;• when DataItem calculating the exemption threshold is divided in half between night and day hours (for example, if it is equal to 50kW, then 25 of them will be night and day 25). Further, by analogy with the previous calculation, calculate the discounted amount and the amount at the standard rate with the only difference that the calculation is conducted separately for day and night period, and then summed.