You will need
  • - counters of hot and cold water;
  • - tariffs for cold and hot water.
Fix the initial value in the counters of cold and hot water. If you just had them installed, the value will be reset. In any case, these data inform a management entity to control.
In a month again will see the indications and also inform the managing organization. Calculate the difference by subtracting the new values from old.
Find out the rates on which the calculated payment for water. Please note that rates change every year, they establish the leadership of the city in which you live. View them on the town's website or just call the management company and ask them.
Multiply the resulting flow of hot water and the tariff for hot water. That's how much you have to pay for hot water this month. Do the same with cold water and find out how much you will pay for it.
Note that some cities set a minimum amount of waterthat can be paid. In this case, even if you are fromthe consumptionovali water less than this minimum, for example 5 litres with a minimum of 1 cubic meter, you will pay all the same for a cubic metre. But in the next month, the overpayment will be taken into account, and you will pay less (as you would pay for water in advance).
Please note, if you are leaving the apartment for vacation or just forget to call your counters are automatically considered broken. Don't be alarmed when you come to the payment system with the requirement to pay for water at the rate of pay the bill. In the future, when you continue to transmit data from the meters, will be recalculated and the money will be prepaid for the following month.