Advice 1: How to take readings with multi-meter

Multirate energectic in the Russian apartments - the phenomenon of the young. But, according to experts, is very useful. And his main task is to help to save. However, many people are not in a hurry to install in your house such a device. The reason - too difficult to take readings and pay for electricity. But it's not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.
How to take readings with multi-meter
You will need
  • - blank receipt;
  • - handle;
  • - multi-tariff electricity meter.
First, it is important to determine how much rates on your counter: two or three. Then, in the beginning of the month, write down all the readings that are on the counter: T1, T2, T3 (if you have a three-tariff meter) and T1, T2 (if the apartment is a two-tariff meter). Entirely the data to write just one digit after the decimal point. For example, if the readings of your meter - 234,567 - write - 234,5.
Decide what rate you need to pay the expense of electricity. In the presence of gas stoves and double-rate policies: T1(day) - 3.80 rubles, T2(night) - 0.95 rubles. In the presence of gas stoves and three-tariff counter: T1(peak) - 3.80 rubles, T2(night) - 0.95 rubles, T3(palupi) - 3.20 rubles. Electric cooker and two-tariff meter: T1(day) - 2.66 rubles, T2(night) - 0.67. Electric stove and three-tariff counter: T1(peak) - 2.66 rubles, T2(night) - 0.67 rubles, T3(palupi) - 2.24 rubles.
Now that you are aware of the meter readings and the tariff for payment, complete the receipt. Payment code when multi-accounting: the peak (T1) - 13 night (T2) - 2, p/peak (T3) is 15. Code of payment with dhatriphala counter: day (T1) - 1 night(T2) - 2. Next, make the counters of the current and previous (this month and previous one). The actual consumption is the difference between the data for the previous and current periods of payment (e.g., June - 121.3, July -156.4, supplies.fact. - 35.1). In the next column fill in the details of the rate (see step 2). Now calculate the amount of your payment (of).a fact multiplied by rate). Add up all the amounts and determine the total.
Pay the receipt in the nearest branch of the Bank or in another (more convenient) way.
Two-tariff meter: day T1 (from 07-00 to 23-00), T2 night (from 23-00 to 07-00)

Three-tariff counter: T2 the night (from 23-00 to 07-00), peak T1 (from 07-00 till 10-00
and from 17-00 to 21-00), p/T3 peak (from 10-00 to 17-00 and 21-00 to 23-00)
Useful advice
Write down the data on a simple piece of paper, make the first calculations on it (in draft form) and only when you are sure of the accuracy of calculations, enter data in the receipt.

Advice 2: How to read the meter

For metering of electricity and charging for its use is required monthly to take readings of electricity meters. In most cases, the problems to read the meter, the residents of private or apartment houses does not arise.
How to read the meter

According to the rules of public services, citizens have the right to take readings from their own meter on their own, but not less than once every six months to ensure that the admission officers of the management company to monitor and readings with observatorna and individual meters.

Removing to read the meter yourself, you must write off all the numbers that you see — from the first to the last numbers in the series. Standard counters one full turn, which is a registering mechanism, the equivalent of ten thousand kilowatts per hour. Therefore, in order to know the amount of payment for consumed electricity (in most cases, the estimated period of one month), you need to know the electricity consumption of the month (by subtracting the readings of a month ago from the figures obtained at the end of the billing period), and then multiply the resulting amount by the rate.

Many people who want to read the meter yourself, doubt the accuracy installed in the measuring device. Modern meters will have accuracy class 2.5. Accuracy class — index of the possible error of a measuring instrument. In this case, accuracy class 2.5 means that even healthy housing electricity meter can display actual consumption of 100kW as 97.5, and 102.5 kW. Even with some congestion serviceable counters always operate within the accuracy class.

Also some citizens worried by the fact that the disk of the meter rotates, even in cases when all appliances in the house or the apartment are disconnected from the network, considering it a sign of faulty meter. In fact, we should not forget about the electric calls, which are now installed in almost every apartment. These devices consume electricity constantly, regardless of calling someone at the door or not. Therefore, the slow rotation of the disc should not be alarming, so it is not a sign of faulty meter.


Advice 3: How to read a water meter

Each water system has its own meter, through which you can learn if there are any leaks in the riser, how much water is spent, how much is spent per person.
Each water system has its own meter
In order not to overpay for water and install meters for water use. However, to counter correctly showed information on the expenditure of water you need in the first place, to set healthy and appropriate data gospoverki counter. Of course, that your water bills are not high. And not to have to pay even more than is specified in the receipt, you should carefully check the plumbing. No stains, dripping faucets and pipes should not be. After all, it is "dripping" money.
To install the counters yourself only if you know how to do it. Otherwise, better call the wizard for installation. That was the first month as you are counters. To pay for consumed water, go to the counter. To take his statement.
Readings from the counter very easy. Take a look at the scoreboard. The last digit of a number indicate hundredths, thousandths and smaller segments are rapidly changing on the scoreboard. They reflect the quantity of used water right now. But for payment it is necessary to focus on the first numbers in the series.
To write off current numbers from your meter you need in the middle of the month. In addition, indicate the numbers from last month. These data must be submitted to the housing office or the HOA. And in a week they will send you a receipt for payment of water consumed.
How to read a water meter
Don't be surprised if in the receipt you will find that for cold water you have attributed 40 rubles. Utilities that explain the cost of washing the stairs, in the entrance to some house leakage.

Advice 4: How to fill in the counters of water

Water meters is an effective means to save on utility bills. The cost of installation pay off in the first months of use. However, to pay for meterm, you need to submit meter readings the utility company. How to do it?
How to fill in the counters of water
The counters provide in uzhkkh monthly mandatory. This is done generally on the reverse side is brought to you account notices in special fields designated for this information. Specifies the counter cold water bath, counter hot water bath and when the counters of hot and cold water cuisine. In some cities to report data from the meters only by phone or via the Internet. The transmission of information via the world wide web, enter a nine-digit account number listed on the receipt, for example, 110120990.
In the form you need to specify only the current statement. Information on previous months, the volume of actual water use is not necessary to write. If the meter has more than five digits left of the decimal, it shows only the last 5 digits before the decimal point. Whatever is after the comma, enter is not necessary.
If you live in a communal apartment, it is sufficient to submit one account-notice from across the housing. Then the data will be divided by the number of registered residents. If you live in the apartment more or less people than registered, this should inform uzhkkh.
Fill in the data as understandable and legible. If they are vague, unclear, beyond the borders of the fields or have fixes, they will be considered invalid, and to calculate payments will be used to the average standards of consumption established in your city. Typically, this value is much more than that, that show counters, so be sure to submit your personal information to to pay more.
If the meter for some reason is faulty, please notify uzhkkh. For the calculation of water charges will be used the average readings for the last 6 months, and the counter for the month will need to be repaired or replaced. After repair the meter must once again be sealed by the representatives of the utilities.

Advice 5: How to put the two-tariff meter

Before you install or replace the meter with any kind of tariffs, with one, two or three, you need to submit documents to the energy supplying company and get permission. Direct installation can be carried out independently with all the requirements or ask the wizard.
How to put the two-tariff meter
You will need
  • — the statement;
  • — resolution;
  • the act;
  • — the contract;
  • — passport;
  • — legal documents.
You can buy electric meter with two rates at the point of sale, which specializiruetsya on the sale of electricity metering devices or buy it from a master, which you call for installation.
If you do purchase a meter, ensure that the device meets the GOST permitted for use on the territory of the Russian Federation.
The use of a counter with two prices, you can save on the cost of electricity in the night hours, when rates are significantly lower compared to daytime hours. The use of energy-intensive appliances, dishwasher, washing machine, heaters, Ironing installations from 23 PM to 6 am helps to save 40% of the money that you would pay if you use single-rate devices, so replacing the meter pays for itself in a few months.
Contact energy supplying company, write a statement, present your passport and documents of title to your living space, as well as the agreement that you signed with suppliers in connecting to the Central network.
On the basis of the submitted documents, you will receive a decision on replacement or installation of the meter. Call the specialist in electrical installation you can from the company's suppliers or from any other company, and to agree with the familiar electrician.
If you can understand the wiring, you can install and connect dual tariff meter yourself.
Install the appliance at a height of 80-170 cm, in a heated room or in a room where the temperature does not fall below 0 degrees. All connections need to use clips. Counter prikruchivayte on a specially designed shield. You can buy it when you buy a metering device.
After installation, we will invite representatives and sales for sealing, inspection and certificate for installation and commissioning.
A new agreement for payment of electricity for two-tariff meter. Please submit a copy of the contract to the owner of your home.
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