You will need
  • - an application form for leave;
  • - the form of order in form T-6;
  • - documents of the company;
  • - The labour code of the Russian Federation;
  • - documentary evidence (if available).
The period of furlough at their own expense can be no more than 14 days in a working year, which is significantly different from the calendar year. The period of the working year is 15 months as opposed to the calendar year, which lasts 12 months. Time off without pay is granted only for legitimate reasons which include the birth of children, marriage registration, death of a close relative. In such situation the employer is not entitled to refuse. In other cases, parental leave is administered by the head of the company, as the labour code does not contain clear explanations about what the reasons are considered valid, and which are not.
Keep in mind that a vacation at his own expense will give you guaranteed, if you take examinations, defend a thesis (draft), learning in school full-time. In these cases, time off without saving earnings is given for up to 15 days. It is regulated by article 173 of the labour code.
For the disabled, war veterans, heroes of social labour, the number of vacation days for your account increases, which is spelled out in article 128 of the LC RF. In the above cases the employer is not entitled to refuse you this time off, in other situations at the discretion of the supervisor.
To obtain leave at their own expense make a statement. Address it to the Director of the company, where do you perform your duties. Specify the number of days for which you need the day off. Note that to tell your employer you are required 14 days prior to the actual start of the leave without pay. When an emergency alert head the day before off. After sending your application with documentary evidence of valid reasons (if available) on the document, the Director puts a visa.
After that, the Director issued an order (order) information using form T-6. on the basis of this document you are entitled to go on leave without pay. Just keep in mind the following. A sick day during the working years is more than 14 days, to the RAaccount for the design of the main holiday, the early registration of the pension is not included.