You will need
  • - the statement;
  • order.
In accordance with the labor legislation provides for additional rest days, which can be obtained upon application throughout the year at any time. Those days, stipulated by article 152 of the labour code for overtime work, article 153 TK the Russian Federation for work on weekends and holidays, article 301 for rotational processing section 186 for blood donation donors, article 125 for unused annual leave, article 128 provided the opportunity to make leave without pay at his own expense.
All the extra rest days should be in accordance with the labor laws. If overtime work is paid at double the rate that these days are not subjected to additional guests. If payment is not made and the employer was alerted that the employee wishes to obtain additional days-off equivalent to time worked overtime must submit a statement about the need to use these days. The application must be submitted to the employer signed by him. The employer is obliged to issue the order granting the employee additional day or days of rest, and to specify which day he granted.
In accordance with article 125 of the annual paid leave you can use parts, but one part should not be less than 14 calendar days. Therefore, if the remaining vacation days are not used, they can take installments throughout the year. The same provision applies to cases of illness of the employee during annual leave. The vacation shall be extended on all days, were given sick leave and if the leave has not been renewed, all the days for sick leave can be used completely or parts during the current year. You should inform the employer in writing and submit the application for signature.
About donors to the Labour code it is told that they are entitled to a paid day at the time of direct blood donation and on additional weekends. But when exactly they provide is not specified, so this issue is solved by the employer and the employee through mutual negotiations and can be timed to release or used as an extra paid day off during the year.
For work in weekends and public holidays, for overtime on the watch are also based on billable days at the request of the employee, or payment in the double size. In all cases, you must submit a statement about the need to take additional days off in advance.
If no additional days of rest the employee has no annual leave is used completely, it is possible to take vacation at own expense. This should alert the employer in advance, apply for two weeks under emergency circumstances – for three days. Under emergency circumstances, which include serious illness of loved ones, death on the last working day before the day off, AMI. During the year, you can take 14 days without pay, war veterans – up to 35 days, disabled – up to 60 days. All days in excess of these periods upon agreement with the employer. In all cases, time off is documented by the submission of the application, which puts its resolution, the employer and the order in which you specify what, when and why given the day off.
Unauthorized absence from work without proper clearance is considered absenteeism, which can be dismissed under the relevant article. Truancy is not considered only the days when the application was submitted, the required days of rest are present, and the employer refused to provide it (article 81 TK the Russian Federation, the Decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 2).