The upper-right corner of a sheet of A4 take under the so-called "cap". There will be specified, from whom and to whom sent the request for vacation. The order of writing the following:
Director (General Director, head of Department) - personnel will tell you who should be addressed in the application;
OOO ".......";
Name of the responsible person in the dative case;
from this line you have to write your surname, name, patronymic in the genitive;
fifth line - your position.At the end of lines, no punctuation, do not put. Specify the name of the company in which you depend. The firm may have multiple divisions with different legal entities.
In the first third of the sheet, in the center, write the word "statement" in a large font. After the point do not put.
From the word "statement" step back two or three rows, by clicking on the button "gap". With a red line write the following text: "Please provide me with a regular annual paid leave (unpaid leave) ________ ___ 20___.".
The application for leave for pregnancy and childbirth has a different template: "Please provide me the leave for pregnancy and childbirth on the basis of a leaf of invalidity of a series of OP No. 9876543 10.10.2010 year, 70 calendar days before childbirth and 70 calendar days after birth, with paid state social insurance, the payment of a lump sum maternity payment based on the certificate on statement on the account in a period of up to 12 weeks, according to the Federal law from 29.12.2006 №255-FZ the procedure, amount, and terms established Federal law from 30.06.2006 N 90-FZ."
Vacation child care is available based on the following statements: "I Beg leave to care for a child until reaches the age of fifteen years, with a monthly allowance in the amount of 40 percent of average earnings in the base attached to the application documents."Add to the application a photocopy of your birth certificate and a certificate of employment of the other parent that entitlement leave to care for a child not used, and the allowance is not paid.
Step back from the text, 2-3 lines, put the date, signature and its transcript (surname, name and patronymic in full).
Before you give a statement to the signature guide, consult the inspector of the personnel Department. It will provide a document template to be approved in your organization.