Given that the Employment contract is usually no concept of "leave without pay" and the Labor code of the Russian Federation, Chapter 19, "Vacation", this concept is found, it is accepted that the unpaid leave is a form of social security.
According to article 128 of the Labor code of the Russian Federation "on family circumstances and other valid reasons the employee at his written request may be granted leave without pay, the duration of which is determined by agreement between the employee and the employer.
Thus, granting leave without pay is declarative in nature, i.e., only at the request of the employee. None of the regulatory documents in any organization such vacation is not scheduled.
You must write a statement in the name of the head of the organization.

In the header write head and its name, and the name and position of the applicant.
In the center of the sheet, stepping back, write the word "Statement".
Then write: "Please grant me leave without pay duration ___ days (please specify number of days) "____"_______at "____"_______20__year (respectively specified date).

The length is preferably subject to confirmation by the head of the organization.
The unpaid leave is only available when specifying valid reasons or family circumstances. Usually, it is sufficient to write "on family circumstances". Remember: a Manager cannot require you to provide documents confirming the cause.

Be sure to specify the reason.

The statement put the date and his signature.
Form a statement, in General, can be arbitrary.

Mandatory in the text only an indication of the duration, timing and causes.

For example:

"Please to give me leave without pay for a duration of 25 calendar days due to illness of the spouse from 1 to 25 February 2011.

January 27, 2011

Wait for the decision of the employer. He makes the final decision.
As indicated in the log "directory of the personnel officer, No. 5, 2010, in the article "Leave "at own expense",

"Leave without pay are not included:

(1) the probation period set by the employment;

2) within one month from the date of discovery of the disciplinary offence, which may be subject to disciplinary sanction;

3) within one month from the date of receiving motivated opinion of elective body of primary trade Union organization during which the employer has the right to terminate an employment contract with an employee who is a member of a trade Union;

4) the estimated 12-month period when calculating the average wage in accordance with article 139 TK the Russian Federation;

5) of insurance required for the appointment of labour pensions".
Know this: you can't fire at that time while you are on leave without pay, temporary disability benefits during his stay in the leave without pay is not granted. That is, at the same time to go on leave without pay or on sick leave will not succeed.