Talk with the employee, explain the situation to him, which was the company. Politely ask him to write a letter for leave without pay. Agree with the employee the terms and grounds of vacation. In this statement it is necessary to specify the cause of an individual nature such as family circumstances of the employee.
Will issue a personnel order granting the employee leave without pay. In the "order" in its preparation it is necessary to refer to the statement of the employee. Let the employee get acquainted with the order by putting the date and your signature.
Make a simple fault of the employer with the right of employees not to go to work, if workers failed to persuade to write applications on holiday. Make and sign an order on the simple enterprise. To order you must specify the reason for the absence and the date of its beginning and end. Familiarize workers with the order under the painting. Idle time consider the time sheet, noting the relevant symbol. The period of downtime caused by the employer to pay the employee in the amount of 2/3 of average earnings.
If you are not sure how long the situation at the enterprise, in order to simple specify the approximate date of end of inactivity, and then make additional orders.
If you can prove that was idle for reasons not dependent neither from the employeenor from the employer, and justify it in the order that idle time paid employeem in the amount of 2/3 of their salary or wage rates.