The old-age pensioners who continue to work as well as the spouses and parents of dead servicemen have the right to 2 weeks administrative. The workers who combine work and study at the University annually allowed 15 days unpaid leave. Students Colleges rely to 10 days administrative for the period session and two months before the final exams. Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation can write a statement 3 weeks unpaid leave, and the members and WWII veterans - for 35 days. Workers with disabilities according to the statement may be given two months administrative. These categories of citizens, the employer may not refuse to grant unpaid leave. He also must sign your statement to 5 days of administrative in the case of the birth of a child, death of family member and marriage registration.
If you do not belong to any of the listed categories of citizens, you will have to draw up a statement specifying the reason you need administrative. The cap of the statement in this case is spelled in the traditional way - with the name and titles of the Director and similar information about the employee. In the body of the statement write to request leave without pay for the desired number of calendar days. Indicate the planned date of the administrative, and the reason to specify "family circumstances".
If the head said the refusal, try asking another type of unpaid leave is optional. As a rule, it is stipulated in the collective agreement. Two unpaid weeks of vacation rely employee raising a disabled child or a single parent with a child under 14 years of age. If you have two or more children to 14, you can enjoy an additional vacation without pay. It can be celebrated at any convenient time, either immediately or in parts. Allowed connection of additional leave to the main.
If you request additional unpaid leave, the statement will have to attach documents confirming your right to it. The cap of this statement will be the standard. And in the body of the statement, after specifying the start date and the end of vacation, instead of the reasons, specify the category to which you belong, for example, "the mother of a disabled child".
Write the date of writing of the statement and the signature and take it to the head.