It is a mistake to assume that the days of leaveand without pay you can take whenever you want and at any time. In addition to the problems you have interests of production. Indeed, in the period when you rest, work is not in place, someone needs to do. That is why obtaining leaveand without content , you must have a good reason. In article 128 of the Labor code specifies all the cases when such leave must be granted by the employer is mandatory.
In all other cases you should contact your immediate supervisor with a written statement about granting vacationand without pay. It is written for the Director (chief) company by hand in any form.In the statement, specify the reason why you need a vacation. If you are limited to the common phrase (for example, family circumstances), verbally explain what exactly the problem is. After all, agree on whether you statement your immediate supervisor, depends on the decision of the Director of the company.
After receiving approval, the application must be signed by the Director General (chief).
On the basis of signed statements personnel Department will prepare a uniform order form T-6. Only by signing the order, you can be sure that the absence from work will not be accepted by the employer as absenteeism.
When you begin to arrange leave without pay for a long time (today it is possible only by mutual agreement between the employee and the employer), you need to know about his influence on the duration of the leavetion. In the work experience giving the right for the next vacation (holidayNoah year) will leave no content with a duration of no more than 14 calendar days during the year.
For example, the employee has the vacationyear with Noah 06.11.2009 g on 05.11.2010 G. during the year he twice took leave without content: 16K.d. + 21K.days., only 37k.days. Of them in the vacationyear Noi includes only 14. The result is 23k.days. be subtracted from the leavetion. Thus, it will be calculated from 06.11.2009 g on 28.11.2010 G.