You will need
  • - the statement;
  • order T-6.
If you need to day at the expense of the holiday, contact the leader of your company. File a written request no later than three days before the intended stay. In case that you have urgent business, and pre - day vacation in the expense home you are agreed, leave shall be granted at the discretion of management. For example, if the company has an urgent work or the case of an emergency, and replace you in the workplace no one, the statement about providing the output of the day at the expense of vacation may not sign.
In addition to relaxing days at the expense of regular paid vacation, you can get up to 30 days of leave without pay that is for your account, if all days of the next vacation has already been used.
To vacation at their own expense, submit an application three days before the expected days of rest to the Director. If you have unforeseen situations that can not be delayed, warn the employer before you can leave.
If you signed an application for the granting of rest days at the expense of the next holiday or break away at their own expense, the employer is obliged to issue an order form for T-6, which indicate the number of days provided holiday.
In the case that the employer refused to grant rest days for the reason that the company of an extraordinary or emergency situation, and replace you in the workplace no one, then you are not eligible to take a vacation, as all days will be considered truancy and the employer has the right to terminate an employment contract unilaterally, constituting an act of infringement, a written punishment and demanding that you an explanatory note. The explanation in the form filed but unsigned statement in this situation is not a valid reason, therefore, the labour Inspectorate and the court did not recognise the dismissal unlawful.