Annual paid leave granted to employees in accordance with the vacation schedule that was approved in advance taking into account the wishes of all employees. Therefore, the personnel Department of the company may not require you writing the application for leave. Check this point directly to the service personnel of your company.

If you are recommended to write the application, you will find out, better to do it by hand or to type on the computer. If your company has installed the electronic document management system, the print statement is not required – you just send it to the address of the internal mail service of the staff.

The application for leave is written in free form and rules rigidly is not regulated. But it will be more beautiful if you decorate it, following the rules of GOST on records management.
Application for paid annual leave
If the service staff recommended submitting printed application for leave, use any available text editor on the computer. Suitable, for example, the following:

• Microsoft Word from Microsoft Office Suite;

• Office Writer from Open Office;

• WordPad is a standard program included in Windows.
To apply for paid annual leave, specify in the upper right corner of the post, surname and initials of the head. They need to write 2-3 lines and aligned right. To do this, select the written text with the left mouse button and select Format" paragraph "Indentation". On the tab "Indent and spacing" locate the position "Alignment" and select "right-aligned".
Retreat a two-point gap (press two times Enter key). In the next line write the subject of the application:
On vacation
Back a couple of gaps and get to the essence of your statement. Use the "red line" by pressing the Tab key. After you write the following sentence, writing the date:
Please provide me another vacation with "___" ____________ ____ on _____ days _________ year.
"___"______________ ______ G. ___________ /name and Surname/

Instead of "last Name" enter your name and initials. Select the desired date. Print the statement and put your signature. Take the application to the service personnel in advance. In this case, you have a chance to "vacation" time.
An application for leave without pay
Employees are entitled to leave without pay in accordance with article 128 of the Labor Code. An application for leave without pay is made in the same way as for paid maternity leave, but slightly changing the wording:
Please provide me the leave without pay on _____ calendar days "___" _________ _____ on "____" ___________ ______G. family circumstances.
Don't forget to checkout the signature and date, in the form of request for paid leave. Print and sign the statement.
The registration statement is on vacation without computer
Perhaps the HR Department of your company prefers to obtain from employees "live" the statements written by hand. In this case, write your statement on the above rules on a sheet of A4 paper ballpoint pen with blue ink, purple or black.