You will need
  • A sheet of A4 paper
  • Handle
Take a standard sheet of paper and write at the top-right corner of the account details of the recipient. This is the name of the company, the chief officer, his name and initials. In this part specify the business unit in which you work, your position, surname, name and patronymic.
Start the decoration of the Central part of the document with instructions of its name "Statement". Position in the center of the sheet. And immediately below, briefly describe the essence of your appeals to the leadership "on vacation at his own expense".
The text of the statement start with a standard "Please provide me with a vacation." Next, write what type of vacation you need "without pay". Will notify the exact dates, indicating calendar dates (what it is and for what). Describe a valid reason that is motivating you to approach the leadership with a request for extraordinary leave.
In the final part of the application sign and date of its publication. If you have documents, confirming the need for emergency leave, apply them to the application. In this case it would be correct to refer to their presence in the text of the statement or mention them at the end of the statement, making a name in the item "Application".