Lactase deficiency – a disease that occurs as a result of deficiency of lactase, a special enzyme, which is the manufacturer of the rectum.
The primary function of lactase is in the breakdown of milk sugar and the digestion of breast milk. When there is a failure, parents have to transfer your baby to special feeding. At the same time, doctors do not recommend completely abandon breastfeeding.
The reason for lactose insufficiency may be several:
- hypolactasia congenital (genetic disease);

- damage to the mucous membranes of the colon as a result of infections or toxic effects, antibiotics, etc.;

- severe toxicity in the mother during the second half of pregnancy;

- fetal hypoxia.
To cure lactose deficiency, consult your pediatrician. Pediatrician will examine your baby and prescribe the needed medications designed to fill the contents of the above-mentioned enzyme. On the shelves of pharmacies these medicines are available in wide range.
After you bought this drug, dilute the required amount of pre-expressed breast milk and feed baby with a spoon. Can also dissolve the powder in ordinary boiled water. Do this before each feeding and after 3-4 days you will notice a significant improvement in baby chair (normalized by its consistency, settled frequency, leaving abdominal pain and flatulence).
Go back to the pediatrician, who will prescribe your baby a biological products designed to normalize the microflora of the colon. Carefully read the contents of these compounds, because most of them contain lactose. Choose the one in which the concentration of this enzyme is minimal.
So that your baby is not hungry during the treatment, enter it in the diet of first feeding (vegetable puree or porridge). By six months you will forget about lactase deficiency in your kid.