Wash thoroughly five quail eggs, Adamite the shell, and pour the contents into the Cup. Take them every morning on an empty stomach half an hour before Breakfast. You can drink eggs with juice or water. Children dosage should be adjusted. Babies up to three years of age are allowed to drink one egg per day, preschoolers - two, the youngest pupils - three, and teenagers - four. Despite the fact that the positive effect from reception of the eggs will be visible after a couple of weeks you should take them without interruption for at least three months.
Shunt eggs to cereal, vegetables or soup, if you can't drink them raw. Even in this case, the effect of taking eggs will be visible faster than you expect.
Do quail eggs Sunny-side eggs. But try not to overdo the heat treatment, that destroys nutrition.
Eat quail eggs in times of illness. Five beaten eggs, mixed with a tablespoon of sugar and 100 grams of vodka, a few hours down even the highest temperature.
Drink eggnog from quail eggs, if you experience heaviness in the stomach. 3-4 eggs mixed with a teaspoon of sugar and 30 grams of cognac. This cocktail, adopted on an empty stomach or before meals, will save you from unpleasant sensations in the stomach.
Prepare a nutritious drink, mix 5 quail eggs with a spoon of honey and fruit juice. This cocktail will fill the shortage of vitamins and minerals, besides it is very pleasant to the taste.
Break the quail egg and mix it with a spoonful of honey. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, drink this remedy twice a day for six weeks, and you will forget about your ailment.