You will need
  • Prosterilizovannogo feeding bottle
  • Fermented milk mixture "Agusha"
Remove from the refrigerator milk mixture "Agusha" and heat it to a temperature of 36-37 degrees, i.e., to the temperature of breast milk. To estimate the temperature of the mixture, put a few drops himself on the inner surface of the elbow or wrist. You should not feel burning sensation, the skin should be comfortable.
Pour 10 ml of milk "Agushi" in a sterilized feeding bottle. On the first day of introduction of supplementary feeding it is better to give a new mixture in the morning or afternoon feeding.
Feed the child a "Agusha" and then doormice prepared in advance of the usual adapted formula from another bottle. Between two different types of food don't forget to take a break of 20 minutes.
Feed the remaining baby feeding "friend" him mix. Remember that if you just feed the baby new food, the baby can be allergic reactions, vomiting or diarrhea.
On the second day of introduction of complementary foods open a new pack of fermented milk mixture. Pour 20 ml of warm milk "Agushi" in a sterilized feeding bottle.
Feed the child a new mixture of a given volume in the morning and afternoon feeding. After a 20-minute break after each of these meals will doormice baby's usual breast milk substitute to put the child age-appropriate food.
Increase the volume of injected mixture "Agusha" to 60 ml on the third day according to the same scheme. Thus, it appears that in two feedings the baby will get 50% of the fermented milk mix from the usual norms per one feeding. On the third day of use the bag with the mixture.
Completely replace any two meals with the milk mixture on the fourth day. Don't forget to sterilize the bottle, the mixture, which is not eaten by a child pour. Remember that the number of dairy "Agushi" should not exceed half the daily amount received by the child nutrition.