Lactase deficiency – is a common problem today. Suspected intolerance to breast milk the baby can be on a number of grounds. If, in addition to rashes on the skin of the child becomes restless, poorly gaining weight, almost no sleep and suffering from diarrhea, constipation, there is an assumption that he developed an intolerance to the usual diet.

Why is Allergy to mother's milk

Breast milk is the most valuable and useful product for just born baby, because it includes only the most necessary components. It is proved that breast milk of every woman is a unique composition, because genetically adapts to the needs of her baby. Micro - and macroelements, vitamins, enzymes and much more – all this helps to set the stomach of the kid on the right rhythm and pace. In addition, breast milk is the best tool for establishing and strengthening the immune system of the newborn.
Mother's milk can change your composition by adjusting the content of substances that have needs baby. Therefore, the composition of such a unique product is always different.

Doctors believe that today allergic to mother's milk appears increasingly because of the development progress. For today in shops you can find a huge number of products with chemical components that negatively affect human health.

Allergies, the child develops not in the milk itself, and some of its components. Usually, this can be a number of different preservatives that are ingested with food get first the mother and then passed to baby through milk.
To protect yourself from such components is quite difficult, as they are today even in a fairly safe – looking products such as curds, yoghurt etc.

First, the child gets a skin rash. And then, if you do not start timely treatment, the situation is aggravated and reaches its critical point. And if the first signs to keep breastfeeding on the background of treatment, after will make it more difficult. It is therefore important to start treating Lactasoy failure as early as possible.

What to do to keep breastfeeding and to get rid of allergies

You first need his mother to go on a diet. Have best to eliminate all harmful products. In addition, it is advisable to carefully read all the packaging on products to take only those in which no dyes, emulsifiers and other additives. Often recommended for a woman to eliminate from your diet all dairy products, since Lactasoy failure is very much aggravated by cow's milk protein.

Will have to start a food diary, through which you can track what the child has become allergic and in what form it was.

Sometimes doctors recommend to make the child to mixed feeding, i.e., keeping the chest, add a special hypoallergenic mixture.