You will need
  • nails, rings, carpet, thread, needle, rivets for clothes, hammer, nails, pieces of wood, twine
A small skin with high dense bristles (goat, sheep, bear) can be easily mounted on the wall with ordinary nails and hanging rings for carpets. Hang rugs on the wall is no longer fashionable, but in any shop of home textiles or fabrics still sells a special ring, which can hang on the wall anything. Carefully sew the rings to the shoes to the inside. Your stitches will not be visible from the outside due to the high pile, but still, try to capture hairs as small as possible. Once the rings are sewn, check to see whether the caught individual hairs and, if necessary, straighten them with a needle. In the wall, hammer nails and hang the hide over the ring.
Thinner skin fix on a special frame made of beams. Depending on the forms of skins, make a base of three or four light bars. Too bulky piece of wood is not worth taking, as it will only aggravate your design, but too thin and ephemeral twigs also not get carried away. Consider the weight of your skins. For heavy hides the bars for the frame it is better to choose given that they survived. The frame fasten to the wall using hanging loop or special rings, and the frame already hang the skin.
Thin and not very fluffy skin, needle marks on the front side may be visible. Get out of the situation can be very simple – do the skin rivets. You can do it yourself or go to any Shoe shop. The finished rivet would look great around the edges of your skin and won't spoil its appearance. To give the rug on the wall quite so primitive hunting, pull in rivet rough rope and secure it on the frame of wooden beams. Make a frame for their decorative tree of unusual shape or thick bamboo. This design, even if will be visible under the skin, giving it a more finished appearance and will certainly make a diversity in your interior.