Brick – not the most suitable for the construction of partitions option, but sometimes the use of this material allows to achieve the desired conditions. For example, if the room should heat and insulate or to make the premises more secure from the intrusion. in fact, this wall performs the function of a full wall.
Features brick walls that these designs possess good zvukoizolyatsii properties. If the baffle is built in the "half-brick" both qualitatively plastered, the index of noise insulation will be below normal is 47 dB. Norma – 52 dB.
If the design will be in the room with high humidity, will need to be processed brick water repellent compounds, or installation of vapor barrier membranes. The use of brick in wall construction makes working slower than at installation of designs of gypsum Board, glass, OSB or plywood. The reason for this is the "setting" of cement-sand mortar used in the masonry.
The choice of construction material depends on the conditions in which to operate the partition. For bathrooms, saunas, baths, pools and other facilities where the humidity is very high, you will need a brick. It is less hygroscopic, but needs plastering and processing water-repellent (water-repellent). For example, you can use the "Kristallsaal". He penetrates into the depth of 2-10 mm stone and creates within it a water repellent but vapor permeable layer.
For the device of partitions it is recommended to use the bricks grade not lower than M100. The best type of masonry – "half-brick". It will significantly reduce the weight load on the floor than in the construction of "the bricks". For dressing the ranks and increase the strength of the wall using steel mesh or bars. This condition is necessary to execute regardless of the selected type of building stone.
For the construction of partitions in apartment buildings, it is recommended to use a porous or hollow brick. The design of these stones will have considerably less weight than the same in solid brick. However, its weight will still be significant for hardwood floors. So brick walls can be erected only on the concrete slabs. In old buildings with a large percentage of wear on the reliability of the slab is questionable, for this reason you need to abandon the construction of these spaces of partitions of any type of brick.