The easiest and most readily available method is to dialogichnostjyu. It is only necessary to eliminate from the diet of baby food containing milk (lactose-free) diet, then the manifestations of lactase deficiency (diarrhea after consuming dairy products, frequent and loose stools with foam, having a sour smell, pain in tummy, bloating, low weight gain) are significantly reduced or disappear altogether.
There is a method for determining the total capacity of the organism to assimilate carbohydrates. It set the total content in the feces of the baby carbohydrates. This test does not indicate that the carbohydrate, which is intolerance, but it allows you to identify the fact of violation of digestion and absorption of carbohydrates by the body. Children who are breastfed, are getting mostly breast milk, and this method is usually sufficient in order to positively answer the question about the presence of lactase deficiency. The method is fast and cheap.
Transfer the stool of the baby to determine the pH. In the presence of lactase deficiency, the figure is reduced compared to the norm.
To determine lactase deficiency in children older used method for the determination of methane, CO2 and hydrogen in the exhaled air child.
For the most accurate definition of this disease, there is a method of diagnosis that is considered the most correct, but complicated and expensive. This method of determining the activity of the enzyme lactase in the materials that were obtained by biopsy of the mucosa of the small intestine of the baby. This examination is performed only in those cases where there is a need to distinguish a deficiency of lactase (enzyme) from other similar diseases. This necessarily explores the stool specimen, and if any of you suspect an Allergy shall be conducted and blood sampling for analysis of specific antibodies.