You will need
  • - cotton swabs;
  • - tweezers;
  • - thermo for crystals;
  • - iron
  • - the main tool of Crystalizer;
  • - rhinestones.
Ready select the picture you want to put rhinestones on the fabric. To draw a sketch for decoration of textiles with rhinestones you can own. The outline of the picture print out or draw in a mirror image. This is due to the subsequent overlay of rhinestones.
To decorate clothes with rhinestones, a picture-a sketch attach to the table with tape, put hot glue tape, gluing it with tape to the table. Substrate film must be removed. Save it until you are ready to glue the appliqué of rhinestones on clothing immediately after its production.
Next, for the decoration of textiles with rhinestones take a cotton swab, soak it in water and pick up individual crystals for their "bottom." For this operation you can also use tweezers or the main tool of Crystalizer. Capturing the rhinestone, place it on the illustration to the right place. He should be up adhesive bottom.
After putting all the crystals, proceed directly to the decoration of fabric with rhinestones. To do so, attach the workpiece for the application to the place where it will be located. The rhinestones have an adhesive bottom to touch the fabric, and the top covered with shrink wrap.
Take the iron and set the temperature mode "For cotton". Browse iron on appliques on top of the fuser, clutching each plot from 5 to 30 seconds.
Remove the thermo. All crystals must remain in their seats. If some of the crystals are not stuck, put the thermo in place and repeat the manipulation with the iron.
After the glue has gone and the thermoplastic film was removed without rhinestones, walk with the iron in steam mode throughout an application, lightly touching the crystals.