You will need
  • Beads, sequins, scraps of fabric, acrylic fabric paint, tassel, threads, needle.
If you have minimal artistic ability, you can revive your blouse, painted her. You can draw anything from ornaments on the collar, to the rock star for all to see. Get acrylic paint for fabric, tassels and create. If your artistic abilities you do not, but the pattern on the sweater I want to do, find any image, make it a stencil, secure it with pins on the jacket and paint stencil – all should work.
Select from existing scraps of fabric color, which is most advantageous will look in combination with your cardigan. Best of all, if it translucent chiffon fabric, but the fit even flap from curtains. Roll it in a loose "tube" clip below. We would get a brooch – flower. Sew in the middle of a few bright beads, gently spread the petals and secure in the jacket.
Panel blouse with sequins and beads. Can embroider a pattern, you can just sprinkle the beads over the shoulders. Take up thread, a needle, a bag with beaded and sewn, bead after bead. In spite of its painstaking work on a simple pattern it will take about an hour.