A plain tee of any color with the help of improvised means you can quickly and easily turn into a real fashion masterpiece. Self-decorated t-shirt will look very stylish, and the owner or the owner can be proud that another of the same things no one else has. Required for jewelry items you can find at home or buy in the shop.

Create a masterpiece with scissors

Using scissors you can change t-shirt beyond recognition. However, it should be remembered that such manipulation should only be carried out with products made of cotton, as this material will not stretch and will not lose its shape later. On the t-shirt can be done not only neat small incisions and create entire drawings.

For example, to create a "skeleton" will need only a tank top or t-shirt of black color. Carefully mark on the back (spine " - a vertical line with a width of about 3-4 cm, passing exactly in the middle. After that mark the "rib" - horizontal lines at intervals of not more than 1.5 cm Carefully cut with sharp scissors all the markers, starting from the line of the spine to the side seams.

In the same way, you can create any other images, just use your own imagination.

Old lightning works wonders

Old zipper can be a great decoration for t-shirts. To do this, just need to measure its length, make a corresponding cut on the product in the place where you want to insert, and carefully sew.

You can make a cut on the back from the middle of the neckline to mid-shirt – then when you open the zipper you will have opened the back. You can insert a zipper with two sliders on the sleeves if your t-shirt they are long. You will get not just a thing of fashion style, but also the ability to adjust the bleakness of the shoulders. With a zipper sewn in the front, you can deepen the neckline.

Rhinestones, beads, sequins and beads

If your home has old torn beads, rhinestones or sequins, you can use them to decorate t-shirts. Just enough to sew these items, outlined on the t-shirt lines need design.

If you know how to embroider patterns with beads, this skill will help you to create a t-shirt with a unique pattern. An interesting idea will be the embroidery on the hem t-shirts or jerseys, imitating the splashes of spilled paint.

Lovers to stand out from the crowd can use to decorate your t-shirt metal studs and spikes.

Loyal aides – paint

To update an old t-shirt handy fabric paint or regular markers. Using the appropriate stencils can be applied to any shirt pattern. The main thing to remember is that between the back and front t-shirt when painting definitely need to put a piece of cardboard to the front of the shirt is not painted back.

By the way, for the application of interesting pattern or lettering will fit and the normal paint. To manipulate the product better on the balcony or by an open window – so sharp smell of paint will erode faster, and reduced the drying time of the drawing.

Lace, appliques and stripe

Look great women's t-shirts and t-shirts lace, combined with the color tone of the product. You can just sew the lace onto the surface of the t-shirt, and you can cut the shirt along the seam and sew lace between the parts. This way you can expand the sleeve or to increase the overall width of the product.

Look very nice on the t-shirts of various appliques and patches. You can make the application yourself using a stencil or instruction from magazines and the Internet, but you can buy ready-made patch. In the first case, you will receive a completely original design, while the second will save time.

One product you can sew on a few appliqués or create one large pattern consisting of small parts.