Embroidered dress individual beads. In a chaotic manner (the pattern in this case to observe is not so easy) tab on the skirt or corset beads any color. Combine them with beads and rhinestones. You can sew on beads and sequins - thread the needle and thread through pietka, put on a string bead again, pass the needle and thread through the fabric.
Schedule a special pencil for the fabric drawing, which wish to embroider. It can be strips, pictures, patterns. Sew the beads one after the other, hoping that they fit tightly to each other, but do not overtighten. You can emphasize elements are embroidered contours of the braid, cord or beaded strands of a contrasting color.
Prepare bead embroidery pre – use as the basis of a canvas or a dense fabric. So you can do the whole insert with a variety of images, making embroidery under the scheme. Carefully sew the embroidery to the dress of a hidden seam and the edges tuck under the braid or the lace.
Weave of beads in different figures of butterflies, flowers, animals, and then sew to the dress. Very impressive will look a little bubbly lilies or roses attached to the corset. Such figures can be hung from the dress by using beaded strands, particularly well this ornament will look great on a dress in ethnic style.
Embroidered dress beaded threads. On long threads, string beads, and then, laying them on the fabric in a desired pattern, sew neatly. You can catch the threads only in a few places, and then you'll have a beautiful hanging decorative items.
Weave wide ribbon beaded the desired length in any of the techniques ("mosaic", "fabric", "Gothic chain") and ribbons adorn the collar, sleeves, hem or waist dress.