Decorating crystals allows to realize almost any idea. Rhinestone is the material with which you can easily create a variety of stylistic compositions. Working with them requires no special skills: just to have on hand all the necessary materials and to arm yourself with patience and accuracy.

How to select a suitable rhinestones

Each girl has their own favorite swimsuit that remembers the happy days of leisure at sea. Do not despair if he lost the original appearance or out of fashion, because there are a lot of creative ideas on decorating your beach outfits.

Considering the fact that beachwear swimsuit designed for swimming, for its decoration, should choose flatback rhinestones. They are securely attached to the material and will not come off in water. Sew on rhinestones on the leotard snap, it comes out much cheaper than buying a new product.

Gymnastic leotards can be decorated with thermostream. Before operation, carefully read the instructions on the package. This will help you to attach the rhinestones so that they flew after the first performance.

Before buying crystals in the shop be sure to ask what is the best glue to glue rhinestones. Today there are 2 kinds of glue: white based on PVA (rest) and transparent (clear). Transparent glue dries virtually invisible, so it is ideal for the first experiments on the decoration of the swimwear with rhinestones.

Tips for creating fashionable songs

Color crystals should be in harmony with the color of the swimsuit, only in this case it will look neat and beautiful. You should not choose the rhinestones of the same color, shape and size. Compositions of different crystals, look more original and advantageous.

To place the rhinestones should be, given the shape and design of the swimsuit. For example, drawing on a normal swimsuit is better positioned symmetrically about its center. If your swimsuit is asymmetrical or has an unusual shape, then place the rhinestones, highlighting its design features.

Small crystals you can put the outline of the picture and large – to highlight some parts of it. A great way to update your swimsuit to glue rhinestones in several rows along its edges. The main thing – do not overdo it with decorations, or you risk turning the swimsuit into a continuous bright spot, and get the effect that would be opposite of the expected.

How to decorate the product

To swimsuit after decorating rhinestones not peretyagivaet and not wince, before working the cloth to be stretched. During sewing or gluing a rhinestone fabric should remain stretched. You can use any substrate, e.g., big book, Board, embroidery frames.

Termostati it is necessary to take tweezers and the glue should be applied to rhinestones and material of the swimsuit. First practice, attaching the rhinestones to the places where they will be less noticeable, and then start the main job.