Rhinestones is the glue pebbles or lenses of different sizes, textures and colors that stick to the skin or to the material. You can choose for yourself how inexpensive rhinestones and elite – for example, crystal rhinestones Swarovski.
Before you purchase the crystals, decide what you want to use. For example, if you want to emphasize some part of the body exquisite patterns of rhinestones, you can buy ready-made glutinous ornament. If you want to add a few small crystals of a makeover or a manicure, buy a separate piece rhinestones the desired shade and size.
Be creative – invent new looks that you can give these ornaments. Laying of crystals of small figures or inscriptions on the body, you will be able to demonstrate their Hobbies and preferences to others.
Using crystals can effectively Supplement the modest and modest evening dress or suit, causing a pattern of them on the neckline or wrist. From crystals you can put a bracelet, a necklace, straps open top, and much more. Best rhinestones look with airy and light fabrics as well as clothes a feminine and fitted cut.
Rhinestones stick very easy to stick them properly, select an area of the body where the skin is less subjected to deformation. Skin area on which you will paste a prepared pattern or design, carefully wash, clean and dry.
Wipe with alcohol to degrease it. Clear rhinestones with adhesive backing, or remove them with a protective film. Carefully place on the skin of the figure, make sure it is correct and even location for a few seconds and press the rhinestones to the body. Single crystals can be glued one at a time, forming the desired pattern.
At any time you can remove the crystals – they keep the skin from one day to two weeks with proper and careful care of the decorated area of the skin.