Advice 1: How to reduce male breast

Unlike women, men have the expressive presence of the breast is a flaw, not a virtue. And for some men this is a real problem. But this can be overcome if you figure out the cause and make efforts for the normalization of health.
How to reduce male breast
A condition in which men grow Breasts and begin in a sense to remind women, is called gynecomastia. It often comes together with being overweight. This increases the amount of estrogen (female sex hormones) in the male body and an increase in subcutaneous fat. But for men the norm is the predominance of male sex hormones (androgens). In advertising texts on the websites of plastic surgery States that only plastic and liposuction can reduce male Breasts. However, this is not the way out of the situation, because the root problem, hormonal imbalance, plastic can not solve. Consequently, the main task is the normalization of hormonal balance.
Analyze your diet. The excess estrogen in men can lead the presence in food of a large number of isoflavones - plant analogs of female sex hormones. A vivid example - a favorite of many men a beer: hops is one of the most estrogenic plants. Therefore, it is better not to abuse - so you can avoid not only the beer belly, but also possible problems with hormones. To the rich isoflavone products also include soy. So, first adjust your diet. This can help nutritionist.
Another reason for excess weight is inactivity, lack of exercise, resulting in slowed metabolism and fat burning. Once you have thought through your diet, consider exercise. Remember that sports can be enjoyed only if you do not suffer from excessive obesity, to prevent heart problems. Exercise is good, first, the fact that accelerate metabolism, and the man quickly freed from excessive fat tissue. Secondly, the result of strength training increases the amount of testosterone - the male sex hormone. The best result gives the combination of aerobic and power loads. When weight training the chest muscles do less approaches and more repetitions within a single repetition - so fat is burned faster. If you want to achieve more relief, do the opposite.
Causes of gynecomastia may be also the intake of certain medicines, disrupted thyroid, etc. So the first thing to do is to be examined by a physician and do the necessary tests.
Useful advice
The problem increased of the breast occurs most frequently in adolescents and usually goes away by itself. This contributes to correction of nutrition and active lifestyle.

Advice 2: How to reduce androgens

Androgens are hormones in the human body that is produced in the testes and ovaries, in the adrenal glands. The hormone contributes to the appearance of male secondary sexual characteristics in men and women. Increased concentration of hormone leads to such disease as hyperandrogenism. It more often affects women. Treatment with antiandrogens.
How to reduce androgens
Before treatment, be sure to get tested by an endocrinologist and genekologa to identify concentrations of androgens. In women, the hormones in this group may be in different bodies. It is sufficient to take a blood test. The goal is to impact the drug in a lesion.
If you have discovered a violation of the menstrual cycle, take the drugs with minimal antiandrogenic effect (gestodene, gettester, norgestimate), which suppresses the ovulation process.
In identifying symptoms, accompanied by hirsutism and alopecia, begin taking finasteride. After three months of daily use of the drug, the level of androgens must be reduced. Be careful, it is possible toxification of the liver.
To suppress the secondary male sexual characteristics use cyproterone or cyproterone acetate. After the course, will see a significant regression of sex characteristics.
Take enough is known about the drug "Diana-35", which helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, suppression of oestrogen synthesis, a gradual decrease in size of the ovaries, which contributes to the systematic ovulation for infertility treatment.
If you have identified a thick seborrhea, start to accept veroshpiron. He has to take it for at least 6 months. The drug is able to reduce hirsutism, but not always, significantly reduces the level of androgens.
Useful advice
Before beginning treatment consult a specialist, detailed study of the contraindications of drugs, given the physical condition of the patient (e.g., pregnancy), and sometimes psychological.
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