Pain in the nipples in men as a sign of mastitis

Nipple soreness in men is not a rare phenomenon. Often, such a deviation worried them still in their Teens, due to hormonal disbalance. Normal puberty in boys breast to grow should not, however, as a result of hormonal imbalance growing of the alveolar tissue in the breast can lead to an increase it in size. To pain joined by a mucous or purulent discharge from the nipple and seal the lymph nodes. Such changes serve as a basis for the diagnosis "mastitis" for men, "gynecomastia" - for adolescent boys.
Prevention of diseases of the nipples in men is a rejection of bad habits, rational organization of work and rest, proper nutrition. If all the medical recommendations, the disease will be successfully defeated.

Soreness in the nipples as a symptom of breast cancer in men

Cancer of the nipple breast cancer usually develops in men older than 60 years of age. Another name for the disease – Paget's disease. Diagnosis and treatment easier by the fact that a development of this malignant process is not rapidly but gradually. Thus, the disease is recognized in its earliest stages.

The first signs of cancer of the nipple in men are:
- itching and peeling;
- puffiness;
- redness;
- the emergence of land erosion;
- swollen lymph nodes in the armpit from the nipple of the patient;
- pain in the nipples, increasing due to the development of oncological process.

If you have ulcers on the nipple and surrounding areola male body is additionally affected by a bacterial infection. In this case, for the proper purpose of treatment of cancer of the nipple should be differentiated from microbial eczema. But the main feature of Paget's disease is considered rapid germination of the tissues of the gland with subsequent spread to the neighbouring tissues.
Treatment of Paget's disease is carried out in the Oncology clinic. After surgery, the patient is administered courses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

To what doctor should contact man with pain in the nipples?

Despite the increased sensitivity, sore nipples in men should not. As the first alarming changes should consult a mammologist, oncologist, endocrinologist or urologist. If the cause of the illness will be within the competence of a particular specialist, the diagnosis, the patient will be installed, or will be collected by a medical Commission. As you identify the factor that caused the changes in breast gland, the patient will be offered ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging and delivery of the piece of affected tissue for histological examination.