Start with a visual reduction. Who knows, maybe fashion or your own views will change and you'll want ample Breasts. And enlarge Breasts will be much harder. Buy corrective bra with a rounded Cup, underwire and wide straps. Small cups and stick into the body straps only accentuate large Breasts. Also, to visually reduce the breast at home, you need to wear blouses, sweaters and t-shirts from solid colored fabrics in muted colors, to exclude breast pockets, embroidery and large binding. For Busty girls, the best choice is V-neckline and vertical stripes.
It is easier to reduce the amount of breast without surgery fatty. Enough to go on a diet with a limited intake of fat and bust will be a couple of sizes smaller. But beware to get involved in such methods to avoid sagging Breasts. To bust and after weight loss look attractive, eat a lot of protein, drink protein shakes and do special exercises to tighten the chest muscles and lift the Breasts.
Quite simply reduce the chest exercises. You know, if you increase your muscle mass, body fat becomes less. As well as the breast quarter consists of fat, you need to burn to reduce volume.
If you want to make your bust a few inches less, follow through the day of regular pushups. One caveat – in order to train is the chest muscles, not the triceps, arms as wide as possible.
Clenching hands at chest level will not only help tighten the Breasts and reduce their volume. Fold palms together, placing the forearm parallel to the floor. On the inhale, with the power uprites hands in each other and hold in this position for several breaths.
Standing or sitting, straighten your back and straight arms extended – they have to be accurately perpendicular to the body. Exhaling, begin to bend them as far back as possible, making sure your elbows do not bend.
Also reduce the chest exercises will help strut "bar", stand on the forearms and on the head. All these positions are included to the complex of yoga and unprepared people run only in the presence of a coach.
To reduce breast at home, use in folk medicine. Quickly get rid of a couple of centimeters in the circumference of the bust will help the poultice of poppy decoction (50 g beans in 2 cups of water) and ointment of grape seed oil (5 ml), jojoba (30 ml) and rose essential oil (0, 25 ml).