The buttocks is one of the most problematic areas on the human body, with them not so easy to fight. Fat deposits on the fifth point stubbornly refuse to give up their positions to reduce the need to put a lot of effort.
First of all, follow a certain diet if tend to be overweight in this place. Abstain from alcoholic beverages, especially beer. In diet avoid potatoes, fat meat, mayonnaise, sweets and flour.
Taking a shower, do massage problem areas hard sponge. Move more, try not to sit in one place too long. The simplest thing you can do is to walk up the stairs instead of using the Elevator. Despite its apparent simplicity, this trick is very effective, the result will be visible after a few months.
Do not neglect exercise. In the fight against excess volume in the buttocks will help running, swimming, any aerobic exercise. For your butt do the following exercises:
Feet shoulder width apart, squat over the stool without touching her buttocks. The torso is slightly tilted forward. Thigh down to parallel with the floor. Complete 3 times for 20 iterations.
Standing, feet together. Make a step forward, then rolling to attack. Knee forms a right angle. Return to starting position. Repeat 25 times each leg.
Standing on all fours, pull the straight leg back. Lift it up parallel to the floor. The toe itself. Repeat 20 times each leg.
Do squats with weights on one leg. Pick up the dumbbells weighing about a kilogram. Perform squats on one leg, bending your elbows and placing them at the breast. This exercise is very difficult, but it is surprisingly effective.
Do squats with maximum reduction. For this exercise you need to squat as low as possible, almost touching the buttocks of the floor. Repeat 20 times. Follow the recommended regularly three times a week for at least an hour, then the result will not keep itself waiting.