Gradually reduce the training load. The less you have to take enhanced actions on training, the faster muscle will begin to acquire the dimensions in which you had to start classes. It is an axiom. Reduce by half training program, or even take a vacation for a few weeks. Then continue to engage in a more peaceful rhythm.
Engage athletics. Running long and middle distance athletes helps to restore the heart rhythm, strengthen blood vessels, relieving extra pounds, and also makes the body more dry and lean. If you saw the runners in 1500 m and more, then you probably noticed how their shoulders are narrower than those sprinters who run 400 m. Make daily crosses of several kilometers and several months later the shoulders will not be as wide as before. The more and more you run, the faster you will make progress.
Eat less protein in the food. Shoulder width is also associated with a high-calorie diet. Remember that to maintain weight, you need to consume 1 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight every day. Follow the same principle, just add more easily digestible food such as fruits, vegetables, fish. This will help to release the body from the previous regime. As a result, the shoulders will begin to slowly decrease.
Visit a bath 1 time a week. This procedure is ideal for maintaining good health the heart muscle and contributes to more intense sweating. This will help you to lose more weight and muscles. All this will lead to the fact that the shoulders will become a little narrower. Do not forget to follow this rule and you will see fast results.
Wear clothing that accentuates other parts of the body. This visual method will also help at least partly to narrow the shoulders. Wear belts, scarves, bracelets. They will let others not to focus on the width of your shoulders.