Advice 1: Whether to shave the boys hair on belly and chest

Some men shave the hair on his chest and abdomen to look more attractive. However, this attractiveness is often imaginary, as not all women love clean-shaven men.
Whether to shave the boys hair on belly and chest

Is it worth shaving the man hair on the chest and abdomen of hygienic reasons?

Some dudes decide to shave the hair on his chest and abdomen, so as heard somewhere that this will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, no mandatory requirements for this action is not, as the hair on these parts of the body in health does not affect. Another thing is - waxing hair on stomach and chest in the summer and hot season because the abundant vegetation retains moisture released by the body, and hair removal can help get rid of excessive sweating and odor. The same goes for depilation of hair in the armpits.

In addition, some representatives of the stronger sex start to remove the hair on chest and stomach at a more Mature age. When they start to become gray and have an unattractive appearance.

The opinion of the women about shaving men's chest hair and abdomen

One of the most prominent English magazines - Eva, conducted a survey among its readers concerning the necessity of shaving men hair growing on their chest and abdomen. According to the results of this survey, 89% of women believe that a man should not remove hair in these areas of the body. In addition, 60% of women prefer men with an average growth on the abdomen and chest, and 10% are crazy abundant hair on a man's body.

As shown by other surveys, women find that the hair growing on the chest and abdomen of the stronger sex are a sign of maturity, attractiveness, masculinity and brutality. And this factor is one of the first places among the most important attributes of male sexuality. It was ahead only a beautiful and firm butt, tall, and athletic body.

Sexologists claim that sexual contact with the girls, the hair growing on the abdomen and chest men start to touch the female body, thereby causing blatant arousal, and bringing a girl some pleasure.

Some guys prefer to shave the hair on the chest and abdomen that are constantly hair removal in the groin area. They believe that clean-shaven groin will look not-too-harmoniously in the background of the abdomen and chest, abundantly covered with hair. This is logical, however it all depends on the wishes of the representative of the stronger sex and desires of its second half.

Advice 2: How to get rid of chest hair for men

The days when chest hair in men was considered a sign of masculinity, gone. Now, many men tend like women to remove hair from your body. However, it is often difficult to determine the type and method of hair removal.
How to get rid of chest hair for men
You will need
  • depilatory cream
  • cosmetic spatula
  • wax
  • fabric strips
  • soothing body lotion
Cream cheese – the most simple means removal of hair on chest of men. You must choose a cream based on skin type: prone to rash fit cream with chamomile extract for sensitive – with aloe. Apply a thick layer of depilatory on the area of the breast where it is necessary to remove the hair and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Then with a spatula, remove the cream along with the hair and thoroughly wash skin with water. Unfortunately, this method has a long result, so the procedure must be repeated up to two times a week depending on hair growth.
Waxing or waxing will remove the hair for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. The wax need to be heated in a water bath to a temperature of 38-42 degrees. Apply a thin layer of hot wax on the body and apply a fabric strip on top. Wait until the wax hardens, but hardens, otherwise it will not work. Then with one hand, hold the skin, and another sharply tear off a strip from the body along with the hair. The procedure waxing is quite painful and can cause irritation. Therefore, after hair removal it is recommended to apply a soothing lotion on the body. If you do waxing regularly, then over time the hairs become thin and less noticeable.
One of the most reliable ways to remove body hair laser hair removal is considered. Undergo this procedure is possible only in a dedicated cabin. In the course of this hair removal laser affects hair follicles and roots of hair, stopping its further growth. During laser hair removal no sharp pain, the only thing you can feel is a slight tingling sensation. After the session, the hairs cannot be removed using mechanical means, they should fall out within weeks, and the result is stored in 1.5-2 months, then the procedure must be repeated. To say goodbye to 80% of the vegetation on the chest is enough to take 5-6 sessions. However, laser hair removal is not suitable for all men. The laser has a powerful impact only on dark hairs and light simply does not see, so the percentage of their removal is much lower.
Men with blond hair will fit epilation. The procedure, similar in principle to laser hair removal. Part of the body on which you want to remove the hair, is exposed to light flashes, which destroys the hair structure. After the first procedure drops about 30% of the hair, a week later, the session must be repeated again. Slow hair removal due to the impact of flash-only hair in the growth phase. Therefore, for complete removal of hair is required to pass several procedures.
Contraindications of laser hair removal: oncologic and infectious skin diseases.
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