Before looking for any way to reduce breast at home, you need to understand what caused the excess volume of the bust. Large breast size may be due to three main factors: characteristics of the structure of the body, excess fat mass or excessive growth of the glandular tissue of the breast.
If you have no noticeable extra weight, but the chest looks disproportionately large in relation to the body, it makes sense to visit an endocrinologist. It is possible that the problem is related to hormonal imbalance. After a series of tests, the doctor will be able to tell whether this is so and, if necessary, assign hormone therapy, which will slow down the growth of glandular tissue.
If hormonal background is fine and the structural features of the body do not involve large bust, probably the reason is that excess fat in the chest area. This phenomenon can be successfully fought on their own, without resorting to surgery. To reduce the bust in the first place it is necessary to reduce the overall weight of the body to make thinner fat layer. The good news here, of course, is that for weight loss in women in the first place it decreases the chest. The bad news is that spot reduction, that is, the weight of any one particular area of the body, is a myth and to make a significant impact only reducing the overall weight.
In addition to the diet for breast reduction need also exercise. The Breasts, the mammary glands to train useless since there are no muscles. However, with regular exercise of the muscles of the chest, shoulders and back, bust also tightened, becomes more elastic and compact. It is important to remember that the exercises should be varied, so that the muscles do not have time to get used to the loads. Even if there is no possibility to visit sports club, before exercise it is advisable to consult a professional trainer to made for you an individual training program and showed the correct technique of the exercises.
Working on a beautiful breast shape by using diet and exercise, do not forget about beauty care tools. Regular application of nourishing cream with elements of lifting, will give the breast skin extra elasticity and density. No less effective is water massage with a contrast shower. Alternate pouring hot and cool water not only hardens the body as a whole, but also makes the breast firmer and more high, which visually reduces its size.