You will need
  • - rod;
  • - pancakes;
  • - dumbbell;
  • - the bench.
Join a gym. If you set a goal to increase breast, you will need to train with heavy weights. You will not be able to do exercises on uneven bars or horizontal bar. These shells will only strengthen the torso, but no more.
Suck the breast in the early weeks. Warm up the chest muscles before working with shells. Jump rope at a moderate pace for 5-7 minutes. Make ran with sweat. Then do stretching of legs, arms, back and chest. Take a few prosperitu and swings hands. Press from the floor 20 times. All, now you are ready to workout.
Do a bench press bar or dumbbells on a horizontal bench. It is best to train with a barbell. Immerse a small weight on the shell and lie on the bench. Remove the bar from the racks and inhale slowly lower it to touch the chestof Yu. Raise cargo to the starting position on a sharp exhale. Perform 10 repetitions. Make 4 approach.
Follow the wiring the same dumbbells on a horizontal bench. The shells should not be your max weight. They need to match your level of training. So, again take a seat on the bench, take the dumbbells in hand and lift them above his head. Slowly make the wiring to the side. Keep the shells in their original position. Get a painful shock for the muscles. Run 10 times in each of the 5 sets.
Include the pullover in your training process. This exercise is already in progress with a heavier projectile, which should weigh 1.5 times more dumbbells for wiring in side. Do it also on the horizontal bar, like the previous one. In this case, hold firmly with both hands the dumbbell and pull it slowly over the back of the head, slightly touching the floor. Return projectile to the starting position. The number of sets and repetitions is identical to the previous exercise.