The female breast consists of the mammary glands, located above the muscle tissue covered by a layer of fat. Breast size is genetically determined, it depends on the size of the breast that cannot be changed except by surgery, and the amount of adipose tissue, although to a much lesser extent. This means that the breast may decrease or increase throughout a woman's life, depending on how much fat accumulates in this part of the body, but the change is minor, within one or one and a half sizes.
People can't lose weight in one part of the body that the fat always goes away evenly, you cannot configure the body to take energy from ones fat cells, while others passed it by. Therefore, any special diets and exercises which can be done so that during weight loss the fatty tissue in the breast is not decreased. But it is important to understand that organisms in all women is arranged differently, there are so-called "problem areas", which accumulates more fat, and where it leaves last. And some girls are lucky: they have the chest more fat, even after weight loss Breasts reduced, but only slightly. Others have the extra pounds will quickly leave the upper area of the hands, shoulders, chest, and below long don't want to leave. Affect the genetics of normal means is not possible, to stop the process of reducing body fat during weight loss impossible.
But there are some tricks that will allow you to lose weight so that the Breasts are not visually look smaller. Since it is impossible to affect the size of the breast and the process of digestion of fat in the breast, it is possible to pay attention to the chest muscles. The pectoralis major muscle is under the breast, in fact, it does not affect the breast size, but is set to bust. Well-developed muscles visually enlarge the breast, lift it, give this part of the body beautiful shape.
To chest did not decrease during weight loss, do weight training for chest muscles. Best of all this part of the body pump pushups, bench press and breeding dumbbell in hand. If you have the equipment to learn at home, but it is better to visit a gym where there are weights on the chest muscles. Connect to work and other muscle groups, and then to lose weight you will be faster.
During weight loss make sure your chest is much more important than beautiful form and elastic skin than the large size. Avoid drastic weight loss, do massage and mask, during sports wear a special bra.