In time I sankyodai of the causes of sunken chest is a violation of the physiological curves of the spine. It is usually accompanied by a hunched back. Correction methods depend on the age and degree of deformation. If the changes are minor and seen in children or Teens, do not delay correcting deficiencies. An important condition of treatment will be good nutrition, active rest in the fresh air and hard bed. In young bone tissue and cartilage is soft, muscle is plastic, therefore, the systematic performance of physical exercises and massage will lead to a positive result.
Use an integrated approach to problemette to spread the thoracic cage formed person, use enhanced therapeutic gymnastics, water exercises, swimming style "brass" and remedial massage.
Complete medical gymnastical exercises tonic character, pick a special complex, aimed at the return of the chest to the correct position. Build your classes so that most of the exercises had on the muscles of the spokes - it will help over time to fully shoulder blades. And movement, to stretch the chest muscles will provide the shoulders back. Classes are taken on correcting the muscular system at least 3 times a day in various poses: lying on back, stomach, standing on his knees.
Exercises lying on your back and isatellite on a flat surface with legs bent at knees, arms outstretched. Lean your head and palms to the floor and much to arch the thoracic cage. Perform these movements 5-8 times. Turn on your stomach, bend your elbows and put one hand to the other. Rest your head in the palm of your hand, pull your socks and join the heels. Lift the upper part of the trunk, arms outstretched to the breath and without raising his chin. Repeat the exercise 6-10 times.
Exercises standing on colleagueshare on your knees and raise your arms overhead, rotating palms forward. Straighten the back, stretch the neck and very slowly, without dropping the hands and head, on the exhale bend forward. Relax your back muscles when the chest touches the knees. Give up, and when your palms touch the floor – free get the head down. Execute these movements 4-8 times.
Warn change of the anatomical shape of breast creditprofile position your body lying down during rest, during walking, when working sitting or standing. For example, sedentary work should not be twisting the legs bent. If you have a long time to be at your Desk, lean on the floor with two feet and try to keep your back straight. Do every 45 minutes break at work to relieve tension in the back muscles. Lean against the wall with all body, feet slightly apart, and wait a few minutes. This exercise will allow the body to get used to the correct posture.