Advice 1: How to travel to Russia

Russian cities are connected by air, rail and bus connections with many countries of the world. Between the border cities of neighboring countries, such as Russia's Belgorod and the Ukrainian Kharkov can run private minibuses and taxis. Boat on the sea and border rivers slightly, but present.
At the entrance to Russia all foreigners need to fill in a migration card
The most extensive network of routes links with foreign cities, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Ground transportation (buses, trains, passing long-distance trains) typically associates located not far from each other cities on different sides of the border.
Within the former Soviet Union highly developed rail and bus interstate communication. The rest of the world Russia connect mainly aircraft, but there are direct trains and direct carriages, including countries that are not bordering. For example, in France, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia.
A number of European countries associated with Russia by buses of the companies Eurolines, Ecolines and others.
Train and bus service connects Russia with the countries of Asia. With many countries, especially on other continents - only aircraft, often only possible connecting flights.
Options allows to get into Russia on the water a little bit. River connection is available only on the Amur river, which in places forms the border with China. But is all the year round: in the navigation - the ordinary courts, and in winter run the hovercraft on the ice.
Maritime traffic is present on the Baltic and Black seas. Direct ferries you can sail to St. Petersburg from Helsinki and Stockholm and the black sea resort of Sochi is associated boats with Turkish Trabzon. They do not have a clear schedule, but run almost every day.
From time to time assigned to the "Comet" between Sochi and Batumi, but due to uneasy relations between Russia and Georgia its as direct flights from the Georgian airports are often canceled. The alternative then is transplant in Trabzon, associated with Georgia ground transportation (buses, taxis).
If you require a visa before you travel will have to take care of its design. Otherwise, a valid passport. The citizens of the CIS the international passport optional: let and internal passport.
From countries of the former USSR Russia has a visa regime with Georgia, Turkmenistan and the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), now members of the EU and the Schengen area.
On the border of Russia and Belarus, migration and customs control is not carried out.
At the entrance to Russia all foreigners need to fill in a migration card. This document is better to take the guide, bus driver, bus or taxi, the flight attendants on the plane and immediately fill. Be personal and passport details, information about minor children if they come with parents, address of stay in Russia and data on transport, which cross the border in both directions. If you do not know where to stop and how to go back, feel free to leave these fields blank. In the box on the vehicle is written the number of a train, flight, registration number of the car or bus.
The completed card is torn in half on cut lines. One part remains with the border guard, the second, certified by the seal you have.
The migration card is the main proof of the legality of your stay in the country. It will be asked when checking into the hotel, checking of documents by police, the migration registration (at the hotel, these formalities will take, in other cases, the owner provided you with housing needs to register you in the FMS or by mail). On departure, you are required to give their part of the map border. If it is missing or overdue, the problems are guaranteed.
When visa-free travel to be in Russia up to 90 days.

Advice 2 : How to move to Russia

For a foreign citizen who does not require a visa to enter Russia, there are several ways to move to the country. The easiest from the point of view of the preliminary formalities involves crossing the border every 90 days. To avoid this need will help a valid permit to work in Russia or the availability of housing, which the foreigner is entitled to use legally.
How to move to Russia
You will need
  • - passport (in some cases internal) with a notarized translation
  • - migration card
  • packages of documents for obtaining a work permit, then residency and ultimately citizenship
To start, decide where in Russia and why would you want to live, how to get a livelihood, it is important for you to settle in Russia permanently or enough legal stay in the country for a limited period of time.
In the second case - how real is the implementation of the requirements of migration legislation of the Russian Federation. For example, the need to leave Russia every 90 days. In other words, how far from the place of the future stay in Russia the closest border, worth the journey through it is free for you entry to a neighbouring state.
Method requiring a minimum of formalities to be in Russia on the migration map, every time I leave the country as of the expiry of its validity (90 days). In this case, you only need to fill out this document at the border, and border guards on its both sides to present a passport.
On arrival at the site, and housing solution to you within three business days to rise on the migratory account. To deal with all the formalities should the landlord, for this he will need copies of your passport and migration card.
You just have to have time to leave the country before the expiry of the validity of the migration card, and then enter and repeat all the formalities again.
To avoid having trips abroad every three months will help current and valid permission to work in Russia. To obtain it, contact the same office of the FMS of Russia, where you stand on the migratory account.
You will be required to present a passport with a notarized translation, if there is no Russian version, a migration card, a physical examination (addresses of the medical institutions will tell the FMS) and in the Bank to pay legal costs. Details and amount can be found in FMS.
If you have permission to work you can extend the migration registration in Russia for the entire validity period (usually it is issued for a year). Then to leave Russia, to enter again and go through all the formalities again.
If you have Russia in their own homes (laws do not prohibit its purchase by foreigners), you can try to make it a temporary residence permit. A successful completion of this process is the availability of places approved annually by the government quota.
For example, in 2009 it was approved for in the amount of 500, and in 2011 - 2 thousand

Outside the quota to permit close relatives of the Russians under certain conditions, the natives of the Russian Federation or the Russian Federation, consisting in the past in citizenship of the USSR, and foreign soldiers of the Russian army for the duration of the contract (that is for at least three years).
The temporary residence permit is issued for three years. But after a year you may qualify for the issue of a residence permit. By submitting to the office of the FMS required set of documents. It is issued for five years and may be extended subsequently. In addition, the holder has the right to apply for Russian citizenship.

Advice 3 : How to move to live in Russia

The Russian Federation is an attractive destination for residents of neighboring countries. Many of the CIS people dream of obtaining official residency and employment in Russia. For those who plans to soon move to Russia for permanent residence, are advised to see all the nuances related legal procedures.
How to move to live in Russia
Will receive a residence permit in the Russian Federation. A residence permit is needed for foreigners residing in the country for more than a year. It is issued for 5 years, however, it is not so easy process. You can use the services of law firms, and it is possible to collect all the necessary documents that are specific to each country.For the citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan receiving a residence permit easier. You need to in your own country stamp on departure to Russia for permanent residence and a piece of departure. However, it is worth noting that this option is suitable only for those born in Russia or have direct relatives (mom, dad, sister, brother, husband, wife), citizens of the Russian Federation.
Get citizenship of the Russian Federation. The main criterion for obtaining Russian citizenship is the official residence in the territory of the country within 5 years. If you have previously received a residence permit and have lived those 5 years in Russia, I can apply for citizenship of the Russian Federation. The decision will be made within one year from the date of submission of all properly executed documents to the FMS.The period of residence on the territory of the Russian Federation for citizenship can be reduced to 1 year or even removed for separate categories of aliens established by article 13 of the Federal law.
Use citizenship in a simplified manner. It is quite possible that you have the right to receive Russian citizenship under the simplified scheme. It consists in the fact that you don't need to pre-live in the country for 5 years and the term of the application is reduced to 6 months.Getting in a simplified procedure exists for those who have a parent – RF citizen permanently residing in the territory of the country, subjects living in countries of the former USSR and have not received citizenship there; and those who received in Russia, secondary or higher professional education.In addition, a simplified procedure to obtain citizenship of the person having the child - the citizen of the Russian Federation or the spouse of a citizen of the Russian Federation, provided that the marriage has resided for at least 3 years.

Advice 4 : You need to relocate to Russia

According to research of 2011, Russia ranked second in the number of migrants after the United States. Despite these significant indicators, the alien may be difficult to obtain a residence permit. What you need to do to execute the necessary documents?
You need to relocate to Russia

The package required for obtaining a residence permit documents is quite extensive. For starters, this is a temporary residence permit, which confirms the legality of your stay in the country. However, it is not necessarily for everyone. Should not issue this document, and therefore give it to the Federal migration service for the Citizens of Belarus and Tajikistan, former Soviet citizens, as well as some specialists with high qualifications. They can confirm with a stamp of the border control in their passports the legality of crossing the border.

You will also need to present a passport of their state with the Russian visa if her design was necessary. You will need four passport-size photographs.

Another important document is a paper confirming the financial position of requesting a permanent residence permit. This can be proof of income, copy of work record card, the document from the Bank to open Deposit and proof of salary of the person that contains the visitor in the absence of his own income.

In addition, you will need proof of your residence. This can be, for example, a rental contract or certificate of ownership. The contract in this case must be certified by a notary.

And finally receiving permanent residence in the territory of Russia will need to undergo a medical examination on identification of HIV infection and other dangerous infectious diseases and to provide proof of this to the Federal migration service (FMS) when applying for a residence permit.

On the basis of all these documents you will need to complete a social application for granting permanent residence. The application form can be obtained from the local office of the FMS Il download from the official Internet website of the state structure.

Advice 5 : How to travel to Russia with a residence permit

Foreign nationals who wish to reside and work in the Russian Federation, and not to lose your current citizenship, have the opportunity to do so, having left Russia with a view to residence.
How to travel to Russia with a residence permit
Before making procedure of the Russian Federation, you should determine the place of residence on the territory of this country, as for registration of the view of the residence you have in statement to specify the actual place of residence, confirmed by the corresponding documents.
Foreigners should be clarified in the passport and visa service at the place of permanent residence in the home country which documents or mark in the passport should have at the time of crossing the Russian border.
When entering the territory of the Russian Federation complete the migration card should be retained since this document will be required to obtain a temporary residence permit in Russia.
Views of residence in the Russian Federation, foreign citizens can obtain only after one year of permanent residence on the basis of a temporary residence permit. Accordingly, before you get a residence, you should obtain this permission.
For obtaining of temporary residence permit please refer to the migration service according to your intended place of residence on the territory of Russia, but if you are abroad, the consular Department of the Russian Federation. In the migration office write in duplicate on the prescribed application form for temporary residence and must attach a document confirming the actual location of your stay in Russia. In addition, together with the application should submit the following documents:• passport;• birth certificate;• migration card;• a document confirming residence of a foreign national outside the territory of its nationality;• a certificate of no criminal record;• four photographs;• if necessary, marriage certificate, birth certificates of children;• a certificate of absence of HIV infection;• receipt of payment of state duty.By results of consideration of the application, you will be issued a temporary residence permit.
At the expiration of one year after the issuance of a temporary residence permit you can obtain a view on the residence. A statement on the application for residency you must apply to the Ministry of interior authorities at the place of your actual residence in the territory of the Russian Federation. The application should enclose the following documents:• notarized copy of the passport;• a notarized copy of your birth certificate;• if necessary, notarized copies of marriage certificate and children's birth;• four photographs;• reference works;• a certificate of registration by place of residence;• income statement and the absence of debts to tax inspection;• certificate of absence of HIV infection;• a certificate from the STI and tuberculosis clinics.Your application should be processed within six months from the date of submission, and the results of its review you will get a view of the residence in the Russian Federation.
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