You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the passport;
  • photography.
If you have a residence permit in Russia, and you want to keep, it is best for you not to rise on the consular account, and to choose a different registration form notification. You need to fill in the Russian Consulate closest to your place of residence, special registration card and attach your photo. If the consular section is far away, you can download the document on the organization's website, fill and send by mail.The notice will give you almost the same amount of opportunities as and statement on accounting of the Consulate, for example, you'll be able to vote in Russian elections at a polling station at the Embassy.
In order to get it on the consular account, you must first leave the apartment in Russia, and in the piece of departure must be clear wording "for departure For permanent residence abroad." So, if you have kept a residence permit, you have two options: to go to Russia personally or make a statement through the Consulate. In the second case, the service will be paid. For discharge through the Consulate will need to come back with General civil passport application and pay a fee. The statement in this case, it may take a lot of time, as documents have to send by mail.
For statement on consular accounting come there in person with internal and foreign passport, address leaf of departure from the passport at the last place of residence in Russia. In this case, you must have a long-term visa or residence permit of the country in which you are. Complete the application to the Consul of the Russian Federation in your state that you want to rise on the consular account. Tell the staff of the Consulate your passport for registration.
Get back the passport to mark that you are permanently residing abroad in the territory of a particular country. In the case of arrival in Russia it is this document that you must present as proof of your identity and evidence of registration.