For the decision about prolongation of period of validity of the migration card you should contact the local office of Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation, where the decision on extension or refusal to extend the period of temporary stay in the country.
The extension of the validity of the migration card is the host, that is, the organization with which the foreign citizen has decorated the employment contract.
For applying you need to prepare a standard package of documents, including a statement of the foreign citizen about the need to extend the migration card, a copy of the contract on the basis of which it forwarded a request for extension, the passport of a foreign citizen, his migration card and a work permit, the receipt for payment of required state fees.
From the organization, hiring a foreign citizen submit a request for extension of the migration card, the form of the host side and the confirmation of contractual obligations (notification of conclusion of the contract with the citizen).
Once the documents are prepared, you can direct it to the territorial office of the FMS. Inspector of the Department will check the correctness of filling and the authenticity of the documents, you will be convinced in the absence of this foreign citizen of any problems in the country. Subject to all necessary conditions on the migration card will be stamped for renewal.