You will need
  • A list of documents that you should prepare:
  • - The passport of the citizen. If you have children under the age of 14 years, you need a birth certificate.
  • - Application form (issued at the passport office or FMS)
  • - Statement on behalf of the owner of premises
  • - The certificate of title to the apartment (original for filing and copy as the basis).
  • - An optional document – the agreement on rent of the apartment. You have to be prepared that will need some help related to housing.
The registration of citizens by place of stay (temporary registration or as said before – registration) engaged TSZH, ZHEU, a management company, etc. They usually have the passport guy, whose responsibilities include weekly visits to the migration service.
For the registration at the place of stay, you must prepare a number of documents, and the presentation of some of them is required in the original version. Brief is the official paper for the apartment in which the citizen is going to live, ID the owner of the apartment and write of the employer.
In the preparation of documents may require a statement on the payment of utilities. This law is not spelled out, but experience shows that this happens often. If housing owned by the municipal Fund, require the consent of all living in this apartment adult citizens in written form.