You will need
  • - statement of benefits;
  • - passport;
  • - a certificate confirming the right to benefits;
  • - receipts on payment of utilities;
  • - certificate on family composition;
  • - technical passport of a building or apartment;
  • - a document confirming the right of ownership of the apartment (or register).
Collect a full package of documents. Register the statement about the design of benefits in housing organization that supports the building or district Department of social protection of the population. The document submitted by the established pattern, so it is best to write directly to the office.
In incontro provide documents confirming your right to benefits, housing, putting the method of receiving cash equivalent to the amount of discounts for payment of utilities, which in each case is calculated individually. It can be transfer to the Bank account or social security card, payment through the liaison offices. In the first two cases, be sure to specify details of Bank offices and social security cards.
After the inspectors of the authorised body will determine the benefit amount, ask about the mechanism of its calculation and the time they take effect and also the timing of the transfer of funds. Check whether you have specified the discount in a single settlement record. The fact that from 1 January 2010, preferential categories of citizens covered by the new order of calculation and payment of utilities. Charges for utilities accrued discounts and the difference is the size of the benefits of housing, refundable in cash.