You will need
  • - necessary documents;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - application form.
Find out the address of the organization, which is engaged in the provision of subsidies for rent in your area. Her address and phone number must know in the housing office. In most cases, you can find this information on the Internet.
If necessary, Refine the organization hours of work of a reception of citizens on the issue of subsidies, requirements for the documents. For example, suitable as proof of income certificate on form W-2 from work or other necessary document may, at the request of the center for housing subsidies (or organizations with a different name, in charge of this issue).
Collect the necessary documents. You will need the passports of all who are registered by place of residence (registered) in the apartment and a photocopy (personal information and registration). You can assure out the application, but would be cheaper to demonstrate to the workers of the center the originals.
Required also the document confirming the right of use of premises: the lease contract or gratuitous using, order to the universe, the certificate of ownership, etc. on the situation.
Imposed in the presence of the documents confirming the right to benefits: spending on pensions, disability, belonging to a large family etc.
All able-bodied tenants must provide information about income, which are taken at the place of work. Individual entrepreneurs take the necessary help of the tax Inspectorate on the income according to the latest filed return. This may require submission of the Declaration for a partial year, and then in Statute - clarifying (correcting) of the Declaration.
The unemployed must be registered at the employment center and give out a certificate that they are entitled to the Dole. If someone from family members is not working and the labor exchange is not, a subsidy will not will require a certificate of income from him.
If the owner or responsible tenant is in the army, serving time in jail, is forced treatment by court decision, recognized as missing or dead, will have to also submit the corresponding confirming document.
Will want to see when deciding whether to give a grant, receipts on payment of utilities over the past period. In the presence of arrears of rent, this assistance is not expected: first you have to fully pay.
With a full package of documents you come to the center of housing subsidies. There you will be asked to fill in the application form. You making copies of necessary paperwork and turn it over to the employee of the center.
After the application is accepted, you just have to wait for utility bills, reduced by the amount of the grant.